The interwoven economy, the progressing globalisation and technological innovation present permanently new challenges for our political and economic system. We are living in a grid of:





Industry 4.0 – the so called fourth industrial revolution undoubtedly entails risks but offers multiple opportunities for companies with innovative offerings:

  • Communication will have a completely different denotation in the Internet of Things of electronic components, devices, equipment and human beings connected through sensors and signal transmitters in powerful, compatible networks.
  • Sensor and process data can be transferred via application programming interface servers (API) to third-party applications in ERP systems and private or public clouds. This process data, generated in milli-seconds, needs to be analysed and condensed for instance by SAP® MII (Machine Intelligence & Integration) before it can be processed in transaction-oriented applications. This is what we call shop floor integration.
  • Cyber-physical systems will be able to direct decision processes mostly autonomously based on this new way of data collection and analysation. Hence a new quality of production will be achieved by robotics and sensors.
  • Digitalisation will reach beyond the facilities of an enterprise and improve the total value chain of products and services by using EAI (Enterprise Application Integration) and SOA (Service-Oriented Architecture) based collaboration concepts.
  • The processing of knowledge, data mining and big data scenarios allow already today new solutions in areas like market analyzation, medical applications, prognosis or trend research and lead for example together with machine learning and artificial intelligence to faster adaption of processes in the market.

Therefore, we need to challenge our business model constantly and watch closely how customers, suppliers and markets develop.

Solutions, products and resources need to be reallocated and restructured permanently in order to stay ahead of the competition. If necessary, the business needs to redefine itself.

Participate in our Experience


We have already done it and look forward to accompanying you with a product and service portfolio which meets these challenges towards Industry 4.0. We support your approach to make your products and processes fit for the future.


In a time of ever shorter innovation cycles, it is even for big IT providers not possible to cover each topic and every innovation with own resources. We approach this challenge in a fundamentally different way: We develop and manage a network of strong and professional IT companies linked under German corporate law, the AVAGA GROUP BUSINESS PARTERS.

Our Strategy Is the Network


Together with our partners in our unique network we are able to offer a comprehensive IT solution portfolio, which adapts easily to each customer’s different requirements and diverse situations. We understand our portfolio and our network as dynamic mirror of the needs of our customers, who are in the centre of our efforts.

We have compiled a number of strong partners, to offer professional specialists for your necessities. Our partner network provides adequate state-of-the-art solutions. We do not propagate single sourcing – we and our partners are prepared to face the competition.

AVAGA – Your New Innovative Companion

We adapt our network permanently and enlarge it by additional, innovative partners who keep their special capabilities up to date and invest in future technologies. In this way we create sustainable solutions for the requirements of our customers.

AVAGA responds to every customer request at short term notice and covers all aspects: AVAGA stands for professional competence, superior solutions, products and services out of one hand.

Single-Sourcing Was Yesterday– AVAGA Is Today and Tomorrow


The goal of our active portfolio management is a state-of-the-art service and solution portfolio with attractive prices, including solutions for special topics. By investing together in future topics and technologies and empowering our own resources we are enabled to fully support both specialist areas and large customers.

All services are offered, managed and quality-assured by AVAGA GmbH. It is always transparent to our customers which partner supplies which part. Our offering is extremely flexible, scalable – regardless whether it is on-site, remote, near-shore or off-shore.

Customers Appreciate our Network


The network of the AVAGA GROUP BUSINESS PARTNERS is the modern offering for the permanently and dynamically changing IT market. It allows the combination of innovation, quality and professionality with attractive prices, regarding the challenges of digitalization and globalization.


The AVAGA GROUP BUSINESS PARTNERS bring together selected professional and innovative IT companies in order to develop custom-fit, comprehensive solutions for medium and large enterprises.

The AVAGA GROUP BUSINESS PARTNERS have access to well-trained and experienced specialists in numerous innovative topics who are trusted advisors of their customers in most industries:

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